wooden mermaids

N’s friend is soon having a mermaid pool party for her fourth birthday, and N is very psyched about this theme! when we were pondering artsy gifts to make for her kindred spirit artist friend, i remembered a sweet idea i’d seen long ago on pink & green mama — clothes pin mermaids!

this post is likely a gift spoiler (sorry in advance to the birthday girl’s parents,) but i’m banking on the fact that the little mermaid can’t read blogs quite yet.

some parts of this craft aren’t super kid-friendly… for example, i began by using my woodburning tool (hot) to create faces and belly buttons on some wooden doll pin clothes pins while N was napping.

i also cut tail shapes out of craft foam.

then i set materials up so N could paint the mermaids when she woke up.

N painted the bottom part of each one with various colors to match the foam tails.

the next part was not kid-friendly either, nor was it momma-friendly. i burnt three of my fingers while hot glueing craft foam (cut into tail shapes) to the slit in each wooden pin. i cut little bikini tops out of felt and N helped to glue these to each mermaid.

we used some yarn for hair. you could use that doll hair you find in the craft store, but i just used yarn we had around the house. unfortunately, i didn’t have a huge selection of hair colors, so we made them all blonde. my blonde girl was cool with this, and the birthday mermaid is blonde, as well, so for these purposes, it works out.

a few will swim in the playsilk moat around N’s fairy treehouse in our playroom.


the rest of these aquatic cuties will make a great addition to the gift package we bring to the mermaid pool party next weekend. now we just cross our fingers for pool party weather to make its way to the bay!



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  • these are wonderful!…my daughters are heavy into mermaids these days..going to make these this weekend with them…what a great craft for a pre-summer weekend..thank you…

  • You both did a great job Jen — they’re very cute! : ) I’m sure the birthday girl will love them.

  • That is one of the cutest ideas I have seen in a long time, thanks. Karen